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AttreLogix Networks helps businesses solve their Wi-Fi challenges by providing expert engineering services, innovative software, and turnkey Wi-Fi solutions. We fix W-iFi problems, make Wi-Fi smarter, and make it easier to deploy and extremely simple to use.

eaziWi5 is our first cloud-app® running on the eaziCloud framework allows Wi-Fi network owners to rollout new access points with custom user experience flow without the need of in-depth technical know-how. The state of the art user interface provide an intuitive way to manage your Wi-Fi network and always stay up-to-date with the network condition and client information.

Our customers say…

We fix Wi-Fi problem

We make Wi-Fi intelligent

We make Wi-Fi easy!


Obtain up-to-date insight to the finest granularity on your Wi-Fi network with a glance through our visual dashboard.


In addition to our dashboard, you have access to a wide suite of reporting capability included in all our offerings.


We know security is your top concern when it comes to Cloud. Rest assured we only work with trusted providers.


With our cloud setup and it’s Always-On architecture, you can manage your Wi-Fi network virtually from anywhere in the world.

Key Features

In AttreLogix Networks, we know the Wi-Fi space is an ever changing arena. Every deployment has its uniqueness and require tailored care to ensure success and excellent user experience. Our engineering team is committed to deliver constant innovation to meet our clients’ needs.


Be it network or users, eaziWi5 allows you to get deep insights into variety of analytic data. You get to know visitors on your network through our omni channel engagement module, capturing patrons’ profiles as they login to Wi-Fi networks and gain access to Internet.

Experience Flow

We build custom user experience for every Wi-Fi deployment, from network access, seamless authentication, captive portal login, to internet browsing, we help network operator and venue owners to maximum the return of investment.

Traffic Profiling

User and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA) is the next generation capability in the eaziWi5 platform. Deployed along with our eco-system partners, sits inline with your internet pipe to perform real-time traffic classifications to establish key behaviour analytic and profiles.

Scale Up Performance

The eaziWi5 cloud-app, running in our high performance cloud environment, is proven to handle millions of transactions in a day with extremely high throughput rate. It is capable of horizontal scaling with core-affinity architecture.

How it works?


Working with our Wi-Fi experts, we’ll gather important information about your current environment like floor plans, the number of users, types of mission-critical applications and building materials. 


Once we’ve received your information, our engineers will create a predictive RF design (Wi-Fi heat map), capacity design, bill of materials, as well as a comprehensive scoping on end to end Wi-Fi user experience. Larger projects may require an onsite Wi-Fi site survey to ensure our designs are as accurate as possible.


AttreLogix Networks utilises a trusted network of implementation partners and domain specialists to install your Wi-Fi infrastructure. All configurations are tested and verified in our in-house lab before on-site deployment and go-live.


After deployment, our support team will continue to monitor, analyse and support your network. You will have access to 24/7 network monitoring, performance monitoring, level 2 and level 3 support, regularly scheduled updates and monthly health reports for specific customers.

Why Choose eaziWi5?

There are many reasons why our customers choose to work with us, they just love our cloud-app®! Nevertheless, here’s how we differentiate.

Vendor Agnostics

We take away the limitation and often a pain of vendor lockdown, in AttreLogix we bring uniform and consistent user experience across multi-vendors Wi-Fi access network.

Time To Market

“Time is Money!” – the agile team in AttreLogix is set to turn your dream into reality in the shortest time possible, let us do the hard work and save you time to focus on your business.

Flexibility and Scalability

A rare combo in the marketplace, there is never too small or too huge of a network, our framework is designed to work in any capacity with powerful elastic scaling when you need it.

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